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Science Reveals New Secrets
For Effective Dieting or Weightloss

Learn What is Replacing Aerobics
In A Good Fitness Routine

Which Foods Effect Cholesterol

Which "Anti-oxidant"  Foods are Best
Mycaloriescount is the

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Top Weightloss Site dedicated to assisting people
like you
to actually use food and the calories they contain as a weight loss friend.  

Any desired weightloss should be long lasting and relatively easy to achieve
once you know some of the science behind it.
Do you count calories or do calories count you?
This Top Weightloss Site will show you how to
make calories count and work for you as opposed to against you.  
Remember, at My Calories Count, we don't just have you count calories
we make calories count and work for you.
By finding,
managing, and
adjusting the
correct food
that work best for
you, you will be
able to achieve
easy and long

mycaloriescount !
My calories count
offers the best
and advice
to control calories
control your
diet cravings.  

Also,  as the top
weightloss site,
offers the best
assessment and
advice on calorie
nutrition and
Losing Weight with Top weightloss success is more than a simple count of calories.
Do you know what your cholesterol level is??
Find out here privately and easily now.
The products on this site did not require FDA evaluation or approval and there is no guarantee as to outcome with their use.  
Any consultation, support or coaching by our physician staff does not constitute a doctor patient relationship; and is not a substitute
for advice from your own physician.  Copyright 2005,2006,2007,2008 My Calories Count.

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Most Common Overweight
Health Problems

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Losing weight is one of the most helpful things you can do if you are over weight.  
Thinking about losing weight and actually losing weight itself
can be one of the most difficult things to do.

What if you could make losing weight easy!  
Losing weight does not need to be
hard if you know how.  The first step to losing weight is letting calories work for you
as opposed to against you.
losing weight girl
Losing Weight
Losing Weight

Losing Weight with the Top Weightloss
Site For Calorie Control and Manipulation

Losing Weight is
My Calories Count

Want Better Control Losing Weight
Slim Burn Weight Loss Review
Physician Reviews Of
Weight Loss Programs
5 Odd Foods That Kill Tummy Fat?